Serengeti Wilderness Camps were first opened in 2007, when we saw  a ‘gap’ for a quality tented safari camp.  Being passionate about the bush, and sharing it with the local wildlife in the most un-obtrusive manner, our first camp was well away from the main areas, on the Ngarenanyuki River – back then, the only camp for miles, but nevertheless with good access to prime game-viewing areas around the central Serengeti.

We have since moved (several times over the years) settling in to the area known as Turner’s Springs – a fantastic location, with spectacular views across the plains.

Its sister camp moves from the Ndutu area in the south of the Serengeti eco-system, to the north – following the migration.  The camp settles into its temporary home for 3-4 months at a time, cheek by jowl with the migrating herds and their followers.

Critical to all of our camps, is that they must blend visually into the environment as best as possible, tucked under trees, generally out of view of others – but most importantly the camps must be eco-friendly.  We are mindful of the damage that can be done by being careless with both water and waste management, and our camp staff are aware of how delicate the Serengeti is.

Our camps are small, between ten and maximum twelve rooms, giving our guests a feeling of exclusivity.

Our friendly staff go out of their way to ensure a memorable and comfortable stay.

We would like to invite you to stay with us, and enjoy our hospitality.